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Broad City S01E08 | Lincoln Rice


Ron Funches’ “Muppet Babies”


WEB EXCLUSIVE: The Lonely Island GIFs Their Hits

After their performance last night, we met up with Andy, Akiva, Jorma backstage and asked them to turn some of their favorite Lonely Island tracks into GIF form. 


Writing people/Community fans/narrative theory buffs! If you want more background on Dan Hamron’s whole “story circle” structure for good character development (and, having now used it, I can confirm that it works pretty darn well), here’s a series of tutorials the man himself wrote about it:

There’s more on the Channel 101 wiki that’s specific to TV writing, too. Fascinating, funny, useful stuff.

TC: How did you guys conceive the concept of the show? A: I think when we began doing this and brainstorming, we were both in this place of really yearning to create something for ourselves with our own distinct voices, and that’s where it came from. Us realizing that our dynamic as friends, and the she we talk about with each other was meaty material coming from an honest place.

I: We were real friends before we started creating together, so that helped.

I just watched all of broad city in one sitting like if you’re looking for a new show to watch this is it